Do you think that you have the necessary qualities that are typical of a good voker’s player? These qualities should be determined by a sufficient level of knowledge of mathematics, watching a video on poker, studying the special literature, or online resources (like ours).
Talent in this game is not a gift, unlike the ability to draw or music. Poker talent is a combination of knowledge and skills. There are no such players who play professionally, but would be completely stupid in life.
Key qualities
There are situations when truly brilliant people cannot succeed in poker, and those with low intelligence achieve incredible results.
Perhaps there is a link between the IQ level and poker achievements, but this is not the only criterion. If your intellectual level is still quite high, this should give you additional confidence in your victory.
The following most important qualities are grouped into three categories:
1. Deductive logic;
2. Human psychology;
3. Mathematical and statistical knowledge.
Here they are arranged in order of importance. The third point is more work with numbers. The following three categories will help you understand how likely you are to realize your potential:
1. Motivation;
2. Self-analysis;
3. Control of emotions.
Is it worth quitting work?
As stated above, each situation is individual and the potential is different for everyone. It would be correct to answer that it takes time to look around and not make any sudden movements.
The answer to this question can serve as an example of Brian Hastings and the Dang brothers, who, despite the fact that they win millions, continue their studies.
1. Do what brings you joy;
2. Create and achieve short-term goals.
Motivation is easier to keep when the finish is close. Think about what is entertaining and interesting for you – about writing a book, about good physical condition. Achieving your goals will give you extra confidence.
3. Take care of your personal relationships.
Spend personal time with people close to you. And their support will help you become more confident in your victory.