Most poker beginners spend little time planning their game. As in business, the key to success is thorough preparation for the project and step by step achievement of the goal.
• Day of the week
Playing at the weekend is much more profitable than on weekdays – that’s a fact. Why? The answer is simple, everyone has more free time on the weekend, and there are also lovers of gambling who indulge themselves in alcoholic drinks during the poker session. Also, the number of newbies registered on the weekend exceeds the number registered on weekdays. “Pisces”, and even drunk in some cases – what else is needed for a profitable poker session?
• Times of Day
In order for the session to be the most profitable, the player must be focused on his game, that is, play with full display. This factor is worth paying the most attention when playing at high limits. It is the mistakes made by inattention, or due to fatigue of the body – will cost you large sums of money.
• Duration of sessions
Gradually, in the life of a poker player, less and less time is left for privacy. Many people have a habit of playing late, for several hours without a break. In no case should this be allowed. As it was already written above, a game lasting many hours will have a bad effect on your concentration, which may affect your decision making at the poker table – this in turn will lead to mistakes and loss of money.
Of course, the situation with tournaments is more difficult, but try to roughly calculate how long it will take to complete the tournament. If you know that the tournament will be delayed for a long time, then try to sleep before that. Since you will have to make very difficult decisions at the later stages of the tournament, which will cost you a prize and your body should be in optimal shape at such moments. It makes no sense to play 4 hours in the tournament, then tell yourself that it is time to sleep, although you have not yet reached the prize, and go all the time all-in to finish the tournament as soon as possible. Better not to start playing at all.