Asian poker rooms today at the hearing. Some successful players disappear altogether from the high limits of popular venues and fully devote themselves to playing with the Oriental rich.
Why does everyone want to play in the Asian venues?
If Americans have long since poker has become an indispensable attribute almost at the DNA level, and Europeans are rapidly catching up with them, in Asia things are different. Poker in this region is only gaining momentum.
Of course, the proceeds from the casino poker activities in Macau are many times higher than those in Las Vegas. And this cannot be said.
But the bottom line is that the level of play of an Asian poker player will most often be much lower than the average temperature in a hospital. So, there are sweeter things there, and regulars are softer.
At the same time, by the number of millionaires and billionaires, China, for example, is consistently in the TOP around the world. A common story for Russia and Belarus that poker is an opportunity to have an income above the national average is much less relevant here. There are certain reasons for this. And sometimes they make life difficult for foreign hunters to get Asian bankrolls.
Fun is not for the faint of heart.
You can play with rivals from Asia with the help of a number of officially registered poker rooms. Some of them even support the Russian language. But what they don’t support is another poker software.
So what about Holdem Manager 2 and its fellows in most cases will have to forget. So, it will take more time to mark up opponents, calculate regulars, write notes and the like. In addition, due to the lack of software, it is likely that the game will become more dispersive. So, a small bankroll can quickly melt.
The quality of software in Asian poker rooms is much lower than that of sites like PartyPoker. Some are available only with the interface in Chinese, some are only for playing through the browser.
There may be problems with the withdrawal of funds – a number of sites supports settlements only through local banks. So, it will either have to be cunning with intermediaries, or start an account in a foreign bank. And of course, currency conversion will take your precious interest profit.
Be sure to pay attention to the presence of a license. Indeed, in the case of its absence problems with payments are possible. And there is also a high probability of learning from personal experience who such super users are and what an unregulated team is.